Water Treatment


Essentially water filtration systems help remove impurities from water in order to improve the quality of water, for better taste and in some cases for commercial purposes such as in coffee making. For this purpose, there are different types of filtration systems in the market today and it all depends on your intended purposes.

1. Mechanical filters

These are the most common water filtration systems, they help remove sediments such as rust, silt, sand, heavy metals and sand. This is made possible depending on the micron rating of the filter. For example, lower micron size signifies stronger filtration.  For better water quality you can use mechanical filters in conjunction with other filtration systems.

2. Activated carbon filters

These systems work effectively in removing chlorine, odor and other chemicals. Activated carbon systems come in two different types; in block form and in granulated form. They perform similar functions but the block elements are more effective.

3. Reverse osmosis filtration

This is one of the most effective yet expensive water filtration systems. The process employs a semipermeable membrane which helps filter up to 99% of contaminants except for volatile organic compounds such as pesticides. The process is rather slow and so in most cases a pressurized tank is added to collect the filtered water and also the membrane is vulnerable to chlorine so an additional activated carbon filter is also included.

4. Ion exchange filters

This filtration system is effective in removing undesirable dissolved ions in order to soften water. The process is made possible with the presence of specialized resins.

5. Ionization filters

This system uses the electrolysis method to change the molecular structure of water resulting in production of antioxidant- rich ionized alkaline water for consumption and ionized oxidized acidic water for cleansing and disinfection purposes. Though the process can be expensive.

Besides water filtration, you can also be able to purify your water to suit your needs, some common water filtration systems include a water pitcher, faucet water filter, gravity drip water filter etc. 

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