Water heaters play a vital role in your home. From enabling you to shower to allow you to do your house chores through the cold days. This is reason enough to ensure your water heater is always in perfect working condition.

Here is how you can make this possible;

1. Carry out regular inspection

Taking time to examine your water heater helps in spotting issues early enough in order to make early repairs before the problem escalates. So, always carry out a regular inspection to ensure the water heater is functioning properly and efficiently.

2. Check the pressure relief valve

Too much pressure can cause the water heater to explode, the good news is most water heaters come with safety valves that allow too much pressure to be released. Always check the temperature of the relief valve to ensure its operating as it should.

3. Flush the water heater 

Every year ensure to flush your water heater. Flushing helps reduce the sediments that may collect in the heater tank which may interfere with the efficiency of the water heater.

4. Lower the temperature

The temperatures in water heaters are usually set higher than the practical need. This can be dangerous and a compromise to the functionality of your heater. So, you can always lower the temperatures, you’ll be able to save on energy costs plus prevent burns.

5. Seek professional inspection

Maintaining your water heater system is great and scheduling professional check ups is far more effective in maintaining your water heater. This is because a professional is more knowledgeable and can spot issues you may ignore and advise on repairs or replacements to be made.

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