Water Heater

Water Heater Guide: Factors to Look Out For

Water heaters are a basic necessity. When selecting one for your home, you want to make sure you choose an efficient and reliable option.

That means you have to take into consideration:

  • Types of water heaters
    There are five basic types of water heaters;

    • Conventional storage water heaters – offer a ready reservoir for water to be heated
    • Tankless water heaters – heat water directly without a storage tank
    • Heat pump water heaters – use heat in the air and in the ground to generate heat.
    • Solar water heaters – uses the sun’s energy
    • Tankless coils/ indirect water heaters – relies on your home’s unused gas fumes to heat water
  • Fuel types
    Considering the available source of energy is also essential when selecting a water heater. The options available are:

    • Solar
      Solar is available all across the United States, especially in the southwest. It is an environmentally friendly option.
    • Electricity
      Electric water heaters can support a broad category, from conventional and tankless to heat pump water heaters.
    • Natural gas
      Also available in many parts of the US. Gas heaters are highly energy efficient though the upfront costs may be a little bit higher. They also support a wide range of water heaters.
    • Fuel oil
      Not very common, but it can be used to fuel conventional heaters.
    • Geothermal energy
      It is also available throughout the US. It’s energy-efficient, and it is excellent for heat pump systems.
    • Propane
      Also available in many areas and can be used to fuel conventional, tankless, and a combination of water and space heating systems.
  • Size
    This will usually depend on your household capacity; you want to make sure you provide your household with enough hot water.
  • Energy efficiency
    Everyone wants a reliable and energy-efficient system. Research the various energy-efficient water heaters before you purchase one.
  • Costs
    The initial water heater costs and annual operating costs are also important considerations. Compare costs across all systems and get one that suits your needs.

Also, be sure to find the right contractor for the water heater installation.

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