Need an Energy Efficient Water Heating Solution?

A water heater is essential to your home’s convenience and comfort. 

But maybe you are frustrated because your energy bills are skyrocketing due to your current water heating needs.       

If so, then maybe it’s time you considered a tankless heater for a change.

Research shows that homeowners that utilize 41 gallons of water on a daily basis can improve their energy efficiency up to 34% when they switch from tank to tankless water heaters.

And because of their energy efficiency, tankless heaters have quickly become the number one choice for water heaters in both residential and commercial set-ups.

Though the initial costs of a tankless heater are higher than its tank counterpart, the benefits you can gain from a tankless heater are as follows.

  • They supply continuous hot water when needed
  • They save space
  • With proper maintenance, they can last up to 20years or more

Tankless water heaters maintenance     

Maintenance is a must for any functional equipment. While they are low maintenance, failure to completely do routine check-ups and touch-ups will impact its longevity.

Though they have no tanks, the maintenance needs of a tankless heater are similar to that of a traditional tank water heater. 

The major cause of water heater failure is often a result of mineral build-up.

This means they both need professional servicing, during which the technician will have to descale the heater to remove any mineral build-up around the heating elements.   

Descaling should be done at least once a year.

With the exception of areas that continuously utilize hard water or if you normally keep your heater’s temperature set high; descaling should be done every 6 months.

When you hire a professional for your maintenance, you can always ask them for a water heater inspection so as to make sure you deal with any minor leaks, rusts, or any other small repairs as soon as possible.

So, in case you need water heater installation or you need a pro to handle your water heater repairs and maintenance in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, Adam and Company Plumbing is at your service.