5 Common Signs You Have a Clogged Drain

When it comes to plumbing issues, you ought to spot the problem as soon as it occurs to avoid bigger problems later.

You can use both sight, smell, and sound when it comes to detecting plumbing issues such as clogged drains.

Some of the signs showing a clogged drain are:

  • The drain is flowing slowly
    Whether it’s a sink, tub, or toilet, if you notice the water is not flowing as it should or has completely stopped draining water, it’s clear it’s clogged.
    It could be due to a blockage down the u-shaped part of your drain pipe. You can get rid of the clog, which will, in turn, fix the slow drain.
  • Multiple drains are slow at the same time
    When you have a single fixture running slow, you may be able to fix the issue ASAP. But when it’s multiple drains, the problem may be in the sewer line.
    This is a significant problem you ought not to ignore; otherwise, you’ll end up with sewage waste in your home.
  • Strange foul smell
    When you notice an unexplained lousy smell in your home, you may be experiencing a clogged drain situation.
    It may be from the organic waste down your sink or a blocked sewer line that is almost backing up into your home.
  • Water backing up in the toilet bowl
    The drains in a bathroom are usually connected, and when there’s a blockage in the drain line, the water level tends to increase, causing water to back up into the toilet bowl when flushing.

What do you do after noticing a clogged drain?

Simple answer, you have to unclog the drain. How you do that depends on the severity of the blockage.

There are some blockages that a simple drain cleaning can solve, while some need professional expertise.

If you have zero ideas on fixing the issue, make sure to call plumbing services.

For example, the experts will use a drain line breakage camera to inspect the issue and fix the problem accordingly for a blocked sewer line.

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